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All self-nominations are due no later than July 15, 2017

1) Be sure that you have joined the Microsoft Educator Community and completed your profile. You will need to submit the URL to your public profile as a part of the nomination process. You can find your URL by going into Edit Profile and looking under “basic information.”

2) Ensure that you have earned 1,000 points on the Microsoft Educator Community and become a Certified MIE. You must be a Certified MIE to become an MIE Expert.

3) Create a 2-minute Office Mix, video or Sway that answers the following questions in a manner that creatively expresses what makes you a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. To share the Mix/video/Sway in your nomination, you will need to post it somewhere that allows you to create a URL to share it.

a) Why do you consider yourself to be a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert?
b) Describe how you have incorporated Microsoft technologies in innovative ways in your classroom. Include artifacts that demonstrate your innovation.
c) If you become a MIE-Expert, how do you hope it will impact your current role?

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All self-nominations are due no later than July 15, 2017
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